Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Money?

As we all know, eyelash extensions have become the most popular beauty trend on the market. At least I think they are? Almost every girl I see is walking around with perfect lashes, and you know they are not real. Why are eyelashes taking over though? Well let me be the first to tell you that whoever started doing these, should be heavily rewarded. Eyelash extensions have to be one of the best things that I spend money on every month. They are totally worth it.

Eyelashes have always been my thing. Ever since I first started experimenting with makeup, I always wanted to enhance my eyes. (They are a deep green with copper tones and hazel). I found eyes to be one of the most beautiful parts of a person’s face. I remember my first tube of mascara very well. It was the orange volume one by CoverGirl. I loved it, but wanted more. Thus, my eyelash journey began.

If you really want to read about mascaras, (I have tried literally all of them), then check out my post Best Mascaras on the Market. Mascara is a very important part on this journey, but there’s no pint to type out anything explaining each one, when I already have in another post. Anyways, I became obsessed. I have tried every volume and stiletto lash mascara you can think of. I wanted length and volume, which is a hard combo to find! I started wearing two different types of mascaras at once for this purpose!

Thankfully, my eyelashes never ruined after all of the globs of gook I smeared all over them. When I finally hit high school, I thought all of my prayers had been answered. Two words, fake eyelashes. I started out with a smaller, more basic pair of falsies and ended up working my way up to these giant monsters that just about touched my eyebrows. (Yes, some mistakes were made when I was younger). I thought I looked flawless.

(Not horrible falsies)

Every single day I would make sure to glue on a pair of my falsies, as I could not leave the house without them. I used brush glue, (Way worth the extra cost), and made those suckers last for hours. I would even apply mascara on top of them to make them appear fuller and darker than they really were. When I got to college, I realized that I was not a fan of this anymore and ended my long lasting relationship with my eyelashes. This became a very short time in life when I decided I was only going to wear a little bit of mascara. By short time, I mean like 4 months. 

A year into college and I started seeing people talk about eyelash extensions. It sounded like a waste to me and I decided to try the magnetic lashes instead. Those are honestly the most worthless things I ever tried. They are about as great as those silicone sponges they tried selling forever. My mom’s best friend was the first to try the eyelash extensions. They came out beautiful. I would always be envious of her luscious lashes, until one day, they all fell out…. Along with her real eyelashes!

In every new beauty trend there is always a horror story and a scare. There may even be many. What I can tell you is that whatever you decide with makeup, do not go by the first bad or good story you see. You need to do research. Girls were telling me that falsies make your eyelashes fall out, (Never had that happen), and others were saying extensions do it. When extensions first became popular, it seemed like everyone and their mother was doing them for people. There were really no real professionals at the time that were not super pricey. This is where horror stories come from. 

A few months later, my best friend and I decided to get them done. Our co worker recommended a lady to us and we went without hesitation. First off, she did them out of her house. This should have been the warning sign. When they were done, it only cost us each $20. Warning sign number two. The next day, our eyelashes were crunchy and burned to close. Ladies, if you are going to get something done, I CANNOT tell you enough, SEE A PROFESSIONAL. 

(Kinda cute, but so painful)

After a week I broke down and saw a beautician that specializes in eyelashes. She was horrified to see that my extensions were glued with a harmful and toxic chemical. It took the poor lady two hours to remove the bad lashes and give me a full new set. My eyes felt so much better and I could finally blink again without being in pain. I continued to have her do my extensions every month, until I moved to Arizona.

Now, I have found the coolest place ever. It is called Amazing Lash Studio. I am sure this will bring curiosity and some annoyance for me bringing them up. This place is a studio that only does one profession, eyelash extensions. I was truly in love with the place after I had my first full set put on. They were even better than the ones I had from my last lady. Plus, they looked realistic. I have been going to them for almost a year now, with no complaints.


The reason that I really enjoy this place, is because you can  literally get whatever you want as far as eyelashes go. You are able to choose length, volume and even style. I’m sure you can guess, but I get the extra voluptuous ones that look like what the movie stars have. There are even products they offer that help care for your lashes. Also, every person there is trained in the art of eyelashes. If you decide you don’t like a stylist, you can always switch. They also text you to confirm appointments a few days ahead of time, (SCORE! For busy people like me). Then there is the price. I have heard a lot of ladies get angry and complain about price, but after trying several eyelash places, I can tell you that it is worth paying the extra. A typical fill at most places will be anywhere from $45 – $75 a month. Keep in mind that mine are the most expensive ones you can get, so it costs me about $95 a month with tip. However, they have regular extensions that they give you free fills and touch ups for. I mean the fancier you want usually means more expensive. (Take Chanel VS Tyler Rodan purses for example).

What are the benefits of having these beauties though? They are not just about looks. My draw to falsies is also the low maintenance that they are to maintain. Instead of mascara, makeup remover and curlers, they are always perfect. You just may need to brush them every now and then. They also have a put together look. I feel fantastic getting out of bed, throwing on clothes and wearing no makeup! It makes it seem like you have makeup already on. Another cool thing is that they are waterproof! This is a dream come true in the summer!!! Then there are ladies like my momma, who had breast cancer and cannot grow many eyelashes. She gets them and it makes her feel amazing again. She doesn’t have to be left out.

So yes, I would recommend eyelash extensions to anyone that has an interest in them. They truly are awesome. Take it from a girl who yas put her real eyelashes through hell and back.

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  1. It really helped when you said that eyelash extensions are low maintenance. My sister is hoping to feel confident and beautiful at a party that she will be hosting in July. I think I should tell her to consider high-quality lash fills that will give her a natural look.

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