Conquering 2020 Like a Boss Babe

It’s finally the new year! That means it is time to set new goals and make new plans of action! Whenever the new year begins, I like to be organized and know exactly how I want the year to go. Of course, there will always be roadblocks along the way, but you just change your plans accordingly to get to where you want to be. Instead of just writing down a small list of goals in a notebook or on the edge of your planner, there are many other ways you can stay organized & on top!

Planners will always be one of my favorite go-to items, simply because they are portable and can carry all of your information that you need. However, I don’t believe that they are the answer to everything when it comes to motivation. One of the best ways to physically see your goals every morning & remind yourself what you want, is a vision board! These are very simple! What you need to do, is get a large blank canvas, (Paper, cardboard, etc.), and cover it in pictures, quotes, glitter, paint, anything! The purpose is to make you feel excited and motivated every time you look at it! 

I added a picture of my 2020 vision board below, as an example.

I also added a list of all of my goals for the year & highlighted my biggest ones! Then, I used a binder clip to add an article to help me focus on my blogging. I figure that way, throughout the year, I can keep adding articles & papers to help me strive! On my vision board, I have books because I want to read more, entrepreneur because I want to start another business, yoga to remind me to do it every morning, and etc. You can truly do anything with this board! Just make sure to place it somewhere where you will see it every morning to start your day off right!

Another good way to help you focus on goals & plans, are to write them down! Once again, seeing them big and bold every day, is going to make them really stick with you! I also love to write, so I may be a bit biased on this one. However, not all of our goals are yearly. Some are monthly or even weekly. I found a few cute little templates that help with all goal setting! I have added them below for you to save & print!

One of the templates says “Vision Board”, but it is a version for you to fill out instead of decorate! This way you can bring a mini version with you in your planner or leave at your office.

Now, one of the most important things to do every morning, is fill out your gratitude list. You may not have heard of one of these before, so let me explain. A gratitude list is a list that describes things that you have gratitudes towards. For example: “I have the sweetest puppy dog. I was promoted at work. My car didn’t break down today.” The purpose is to remind you to be happy and why you should be grateful. These should also motivate you, depending on what they are. Another way to do this is by using a gratitude journal. I am currently using the, “52 Lists of Happiness” journal for weekly bits of gratitude & am writing 3 daily ones in my planner. 

Remember to always mark your progress as well throughout the year! This could be done by highlighting, crossing out or even check lists on your goals & plans. A good way to keep this information together is by using journals that are made for specific subjects. For instance, I have just ordered a budgeting planner and have just started using my fitness tracker!

Now, the last step is to use these tools to keep yourself motivated! You can easily accomplish any goal or follow any schedule as long as you stay focused, dedicated & determined! Make 2020 your best year yet! You got this boss babes!

** If any of you were interested in some of the booklets or journals mentioned earlier, I have added the photo links below to each item, as well as a couple others that I recommend! Just click on the photo to go right to the item.

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