The Best Mascaras on the Market

Now some of you may find this to be a silly thing to post about, but I totally wish that this was something I read about when I was younger! I know i’m not the only one when it comes to loving my eyelashes and wanting them to be as big and full as possible! When it comes to the make up game, my eyelashes are my most important piece to accentuate. I always make sure that they are long, full and dark before I go anywhere. With that being said, I now have extensions that I get filled every 2.5 weeks. I have a special mascara that I can put on them when I feel that they look flat, BUT extensions are not for everyone, that is why I am making sure to give some insight on mascara!

When I first started out in the makeup fame, I was 13 and in jr. high. My mother let me use a cheap plain black Avon mascara that she had for years and never used, (It was awful). That was the only thing I was allowed to use, (I did steal what I thought was black eyeliner from her drawer and would put it on at school so she wouldn’t see. Turns out it was a dark moss green she got for free and I looked stupid, but that’s a story for another day!).

Anyways, I have no honest memory of what Avon mascara it was, so the first attempt I had at getting my own mascara was when I saw an ad for Covergirl. The LashBlast mascara was supposed to be the cool new thing and was supposed to give me eyelashes I could only dream of. I did enjoy it at first. It was black and gave a little bit of oomph to my eyes, but it did not seem to give that long length. I also think that it is a bit too watery for my taste, as I prefer a thicker mascara.

The next mascara I tried was Lash Stiletto by Maybelline. Now this mascara does give you some serious length! I was able to get super long lashes after just a couple of swipes on my lashes. However, it does get pretty goopy pretty fast, so it became super messy. It also does not give a very full set of lashes. They look rather skinny.

I know I have tried out many other mascaras from Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, CoverGirl, and etc. None of them really did much to impress me though besides the two that I talked about. They all either were too watery, goopy, or only gave me half or none of what I wanted. There was a lot of money wasted on mascara over the years, but I would never settle.

After various attempts at drug store brand mascaras, I decided to give a more expensive one a try. I was in my freshman year when I got to try something from Macy’s, (Ulta wasn’t around and my mother grew up shopping at Macy’s). My mother bought me the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I remember being so excited, thinking that I would finally get to have the lash I wanted, because hey, more expensive means better right? WRONG. This was literally the worst mascara I have ever purchased in my entire life. The brush will hold huge clumps of mascara and not part your lashes at all. Then it would dry like cement and I would accidently rip out lashes when trying to clean it off. I had my mom try it, (She thought I was being dramatic), and she even got a disgusted look on her face! She threw it away and I went back to Walmart and bought myself the LashBlast by CoverGirl again. It still kills me to give Lancome a terrible review because they make some of my absolute favorite products! Do keep in mind that this was in 2011, so the product has had to have changed by then. I hope it’s way better.

When I finally was in high school, I went to my first Sephora. One of my friends had Too Faced products and I thought they were so cute, that I had to have them! I bought the Better Than Sex mascara, which I will have to say, the name made me want it too. Now this mascara was my go to for years. I actually am using this right now on my bottom lashes, (I bought the diamond edition… makeup addict, I know). I absolutely do love this product, until I have had it for over a month. After awhile, I noticed that the product would get dort of clumpy and dry up very fast. That would be my only complaint. I think it gives gorgeous, deep and full lashes.

The reason I kept looking was only because of how bad the product would get after a while. So, naturally, I picked another one from Too Faced. I tried the Better Than False Lashes Extreme! This is the most I have ever spent on a mascara, at $35. First you would use a mini wand that would add cloth-y material to your lashes, and then mascara over it. This would give them length. But, of course, not much volume. So, I would reapply each part 3 times. After a good chunk of time I realized that my eyelashes looked chunky and the cloth crap would get in my eye, so I was on my search again.

I tried everything from Benefit to Tarte, to IT Cosmetics and etc. None of these brands had ever created something that was good enough for me to want to try and buy again. I was and still am, a total mascara snob. I eventually went back to swapping back and forth between my CoverGirl and Better Than sex ones, (depended how much money I had) and then settled on getting falsies.

Now false eyelashes, are in my opinion, the greatest gift there is. As soon as I mastered the glue technique, I was putting those suckers on every single day. The problem was that I wanted them to look more natural, but I also wanted them to be dark, so I eventually, went back to applying mascara. I would glue on these huge eyelashes and coat them in layers of Better Than Sex Mascara. I would actually take such good care of them though, that I could keep the same ones for a month… Or so I thought back then.

If we look back now, I get insanely embarrassed at how I looked. My eyelashes were so long that I had them longer than my eyebrows. Please, do not do this. When I went to college, I finally realized that I didn’t need my caterpillars, (What my aunt called them), and went to no mascara at all, (THE HORROR). That was very short lived. I started back again with a hunt for mascara.

After countless attempts at Benefit and drugstore brands, extensions finally became a thing. It wasn’t until I got my extensions, that I found, what I think to be, the best mascara ever. Of course, I cannot use it on my extensions, but I do use it on my bottom lashes. What was first a free sample that I last resorted to, turned out to be one of my favorites. This is actually a brand by Lancome! (Finally, redeemed). My go to mascara is Big Monsieur by Lancome. It gives my bottom lashes a dark full look and gives them a good amount of length. It is not watery or even chunky! My mother tried it on her lashes and thought it was fantastic too! (But she got extensions too).

If I had to recommend any mascara to anyone, I have a lineup of 3. In first place, I would have to say I would go with Big Monsieur. Then in second I would have Better Than Sex and in third would be Lash Blast. These are all awesome mascaras and there is one for everyone as they are all very different price points. But of course, this is just from my experience, as a die hard lash lover.

I will apologize though, as I did not ever test waterproof, as I do not care for it from that Avon mascara I first had when I was younger. It also smelled terrible.

Whatever mascara you decide, just never give up on finding your exact want. It is out there somewhere, I promise!

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