Blonde Hair Beware

Everyone tells you, if you want to keep your blonde hair bright and radiant, you need to use purple shampoo. They say that everything else dulls down the color and isn’t as good for your hair. Just saying, from experience, that is a total myth. If you’re a blonde that uses purple shampoo, beware.

All my life I have been blonde.My hair is naturally a dirty blonde color. I “officially” hit the “blonde-blonde” stage at 15, when I dyed my hair platinum. I had never paid attention to hair care specifics & had the brightest blonde you could imagine. (It looked awful on me). Purple shampoo was something I had never heard of & my hair never lost its shine. I actually ended up having to chop it off & die it a dark brown though, because it destroyed my hair, bleaching it.

(Actual photo from when I was 15!)

My senior year in high school is when I really started to pay attention to hair care. I had always had the tools & products, but never color specific. That year, I started to pay more attention, as I went back to a nice, champagne blonde. I had started getting flat iron hair car, hair masks and everything that would help it, without damaging it. This is when I discovered my favorite blonde shampoo & conditioner, by John Freida.

I wanted my hair to stay light, without using harsh chemicals, besides the color already on it. I remember seeing a product called “Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder” and was instantly hooked. This product does NOT have any purple in it, but is a simple light and creamy color. Let me tell you, this stuff truly does work! My blonde hair was never dull & always was radiant.

It wasn’t until later on that year, that I heard of the purple shampoo. A friend of mine got her hair dyed blonde and said her hairstylist swore by the purple. I started off by getting the Redken jumbo blondage ones, (Ulta had a sale). They didn’t seem to do much to keep my hair bright & always made the biggest mess. Needless to say, I was pretty turned off by this & went back to my volumizing stuff instead.

The real purple fun started happening when I started spending a bunch of money on shampoos by brands like Dry Bar, Sexy Hair and Pureology. My hair seemed much more dull and the shampoos were all messy and awful. When I moved to Arizona, I decided to try the value option again, and purchased jumbo sizes from Ulta. I bought the Joico set. 

You have heard horror stories right? Well this one truly takes the cake. After a few washes, this shampoo started to STAIN, yes, STAIN my hair PURPLE! My blonde was starting to look like a white silver and one strand in the front actually became a purple color! It was AWFUL! I had always wondered how the purple was supposed to be good & not ruin your hair, when clearly that’s not what happened here. It took a lot of effort for my hairstylist to get the purple stand back to normal again.

Since then, I have refused to buy the purple products and only buy color treated shampoos & conditioners. The sun turned my hair bright blonde & none of the products I buy do any damage to the color or to my hair. 

So ladies, next time you listen to a recommendation, make sure you do all of your research first! Don’t be influenced by the “popular” opinion. Who knows,you could end up with funky hair like I did.

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