Business: Barbara Corcoran

I remember the first time I had ever heard of Barbara. I was watching tv with one of my friends & Shark Tank came on. I immediately fell in love with the show. Getting to see how investors run numbers & choose companies/people to invest in was very intriguing. I am the type of person that is constantly reading Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal & many other business publications on the internet. It fascinates me to see how someone can take something so simple to make a fortune, or to take a billion dollar business & run it into the group. Speaking of business, this is where Barbara shines.

Barbara Corcoran grew up in a traditional Catholic Irish home with a family of 10 children. Her family often times struggled. She grew up dyslexic & actually failed throughout her years at school. She graduated high school as a D student! This should inspire so many. Just because you are the best at book learning in school, does not mean you cannot be successful. I mean look at this amazing woman who is known for her mark in the real estate industry. She had even went to college & gotten a degree in education. This has proven to be so common among many successful business people in the world. They get a degree & never even use it. Clearly, she had a talent she hadn’t realized at the time.

Something super important that needs to be noted as well, is that you should NEVER give up. NEVER look down upon yourself for losing a job or job hopping until you find something that is your passion & expertise. Barbara had a total of 20 different jobs by the age of 23. She took a side job renting apartments in New York, where her skills were discovered by her then boyfriend. He convinced her to work for a real estate company. She soon realized that she wanted to be her own boss & her boyfriend loaned her money to start their own firm. Unfortunately, 7 years later they split because he decided he wanted to marry her receptionist. Insert eyeroll. So figures. However, she proved to be so much better off without him!

Barbara simply went on to create her own real estate firm & started publishing The Corcoran Report. This was a newsletter sharing the real estate trends in New York. Her business had such success, that in 2001 she sold it for $66 million. She has since gone onto Shark Tank & has invested in many start up companies. She has made 53 deals so far with her time on the show. Her largest was $350,000 for 40% for the company Coverplay. Barbara also is columnist & speaker for many different news & business sources. Not to mention, she has written many books about how she has become successful.

To this day Barbara is still rising in the ranks of success with her podcasts, entrepreneur help & has created a $5 billion business. She is easily a great role model for women to look up to in the real estate & business industries. I would highly suggest checking out her website & learning more about what she does & how she overcame her young life with her “Rags to Riches” story. If you ever get the chance to watch her on Shark Tank, you need to. I always find her to be one of the better Sharks to watch.

The main thing to take away from Barbara is that she built all of her success herself. Remember, she struggled in school, came from a family without, didn’t get any degrees in business or real estate & yet she is one of the top woman real estate brokers today. As Barbara says, “The biggest challenge in business is not the competition, it’s what goes on inside your own head.

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