Tommy Bahama – Scottsdale

There truly isn’t quite anything like a tropical getaway. That’s why it is such a bummer that the opportunity to travel has become much more difficult for a lot of us. (Thanks a lot COVID!). However, you can always find a little paradise by home, if you look a little closer. That is exactly what I did when I found this fun little gem. We all know Tommy Bahama’s as a clothing store, but what many may not realize, is that they also have restaurants! Naturally, they are a mini tropical oasis.

My boyfriend & I had the pleasure of going to one by complete accident. We were on a late night stroll through the Kierland Commons & were getting hungry. We may live in Arizona, but it gets rather cold in the desert during this time of year. We were bundled in layer & opting for something warm. That is when we came across an outdoor restaurant with firepits, tropical music & Hawaiian shirts. What a better way to feel those warm vibes!

We opted for outdoor seating in a little nook by a large heater. Across from us was a gentleman playing tropical music. It was rather fun because most of the songs were classics that had been transformed. All of the staff had on Hawaiian shirts & were as friendly as can be. Sadly, I no longer drink hard liquor, but there were so many fun fruity & rum options! Instead I opted for a bottle of my usual dinner drink of choice, Prosecco. The menu had a good amount of delicious sounding dishes. From ahi tuna to coconut shrimp, there was nothing short of pure tropical bliss.

I had a delicious seasonal special with scallops, mahi-mahi, asparagus & cauliflower mash. I cannot begin to describe to you how simply delicious it was. I don’t think either one of us had eaten an entrée so fast in our entire lives. Not to mention the beautiful presentation & of course, bread appetizer. Then for desert they brought out a large tray to showcase all of their choices. We decided to each get our own, which of course ended up being too much… But, it was so worth it.

My boyfriend ordered a key-lime pie, his favorite desert. This one was made specially with a macadamia nut crust. I had ordered the famous pineapple crème brulee. It consisted of an end of a pineapple being filled with a vanilla bean cream & carnalized pineapple chunks. I have to say, the initial presentation caught my eye & the desert itself proved to be just as tasty!

In the end I would have to say that we both thoroughly enjoyed our little tropical evening. If you’re looking for a fun change of pace, I would highly recommend eating here. Who knew that a high end clothing chain could also double as a delicious restaurant.

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