Hello, my name is Kendall Elizabeth Klein

I am a southern belle from a tiny town in the state of Washington. I am a logistics bidder, entrepreneur and a blogger. More importantly, I am a mom to the most wonderful little puppy named Chassis.

I originally created this blog to use as an online journal to collect all of my stories & memories. Being from a small town in Washington, blogging was not something that any one paid much attention to. In fact, about the only thing to do, was to be outdoors and drink beer. The exploring and hiking was beautiful, but there wasn’t much else to do.

After I earned my BA in 2017, I learned that I would have to live in the city if I actually wanted to use it towards a career. The commute from my town was easily three hours one way. Instead, I applied every where and ended up at a small Starbucks coffee shop. I finally realized that I wanted a new adventure and thought it was time to leave my home.

In 2018, at the end of May, I quit my job and accepted a small sales position in Phoenix, AZ. The next day I bought a new car, stuffed it full and started my new journey.

This started to spark tons of interest from friends and family. They were all so curious on how I was able to do such a thing. I spent the next few months helping others with resumes, building side businesses and getting better jobs. It wasn’t until the end of 2019 that creating a blog was presented to me.

A friend back in Washington suggested that I create a blog. I was already helping people with their careers, fashion, exploring, etc, that I could be sharing it with even more people! Thus, That Feisty Blonde.

Due to my feisty, but fun-loving nature, the name came naturally. In only a few short weeks, I had ladies from other states reaching out and asking me for more content. This traffic created companies and other bloggers to notice me and make blogging another side job for me.

I am beyond grateful for all of the love and support that I have gotten since creating this blog. Plus, it means the world to me knowing that I am helping other ladies find their true potential and confidence ias they take on their journeys. Thank you all for visiting and letting me be a part of your own individual adventures.

Love Always,

Kendall Elizabeth XOXO