The Resume to Get You an Interview

One thing that people always ask me, is how I never have a problem landing a job. They say that they are always applying and sending out applications, but never being called in for an interview, and don’t understand what they are doing wrong. Some of them have fantastic job experience or a college degree, but never seem to get anywhere. That is when I will ask to see what their resume looks like.

Everyone knows that the key to getting the job is all in the interview. But a common misconception is how important the resume really is. In order to purchase something you have to show the cashier the money first, right? Well think of the resume as your money. In order to get someone excited about you or to take you seriously, you have to give them some reassurance. That is why the resume is just as important as the interview itself.

As soon as I started applying for jobs at 16, I wasn’t getting responses from anyone. Not even McDonald’s, which should have been a shoe in! Luckily I was able to land a good job by referral. So, for my first job, I didn’t need to do much with a resume. That is, until I got to college. I started with a nice resume off of Word and made it look great. This worked perfect for me to get jobs at the mall, coffee stands and etc. That was good for while I was in college, but after I graduated, I was only able to land a barista job at Starbucks.

After applying to everything possible, I realized that I was doing something wrong. I researched ‘ How to get corporate jobs’ on Google for hours, until I landed on resume guidance on Forbes. It explained how important a resume really is. Soon, I found resume examples from Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal. I was able to take these tips and piece together, what became, the ultimate resume. Soon I started having jobs calling me and interviewing me left and right in Seattle. Unfortunately, I realized I didn’t want to work out there and wanted to try to move to a new state. I applied all over Arizona and was offered a job within a few weeks. Soon enough, I was living in Arizona. I job hopped a little, with ease, until I found the fantastic job that I am at now. I did not have to take beginner jobs either. I went from salesman to administrative assistant to sales consultant to executive marketing assistant; all at different places. I proved that you do not have to settle, and you CAN become a company’s’ dream come true.

Creating the best resume:

The first step in creating a fantastic resume is finding the template that you are going to use. I would suggest searching on Google for resume templates that match the job you are looking for. If you are looking for something in business, you can look for something like, “Business resume templates”. This will at least give you websites that can show you ideas of how to format and build your resume. It may sound strange, but different jobs require different styles of resumes.

Your resume should ONLY be one page long. I do not care if you have worked as a ceo for many national companies, it needs to be only one page. You do not want them to remember you as the person that sent them an essay of useless information.

Only include relevant jobs. Do not put that you worked as a Starbucks barista, unless you are applying at a coffee shop or Starbucks corporate. The president of Ford is not going to care that you made coffee at your first job, he is only going to care about your work in the automotive business or of something that goes hand-in-hand with the job you are applying for.

This brings up my next point; don’t put every single job you have ever had on your resume. It is not relevant and is just a space filler. If an employer wants more work history, they will ask you in the interview. But, chances are, they really do not care. If you put good jobs and relevant information, that is all they will be interested in.

A big no-no is adding bright colors to your resume. This does not pertain to a certain job, but to all of them. Do not color the words or try to make fancy script. It makes a resume look like you are back in grade school with one of those goofy presentations with Word Art. It does not present you well.

You need to have some sort of mission statement, or explaination of you as a person that fits the job title. For example, on my resume it says communications & marketing. In that blurb is a fancy way to say that I am good at it. This is another thing that you can use Google for to help you create a good one.

Education is a must. Do not ever put, “Some college”. At least put the year that you attended or the degree you will get someday. It looks a lot better and you can explain it in the interview. Just remember, if you make it look professional, you will still get the interview. If you don’t, it will go in the trash without question.

ALWAYS double check your resume before sending it in. Sometimes the formatting could be off or auto correct missed something.

Put the years you worked at a job instead of the months and dates. This way it will look like you have no gaps in your work history, (College can make that happen), and you can remove irrelevant jobs. You will notice that in mine.

Put a brief description of the company no matter what. If you don’t, they may not look it up or show an interest in you. In mine, a lot of people do not know what The ICEE Company is, so the description helps them realize what it is, or makes them curious enough to look it up.

You need to have contact information. Make a Gmail, it takes five seconds and looks better than having goofy Indeed email. An Indeed email makes it look like you didn’t try and Indeed did all the effort.

My last tip is that you do not need a cover letter unless you are asked. I honestly find them to be a complete waste of time and so do a lot of other companies. The only reason one would ask is because they get a ton of applications, or they are seeing who will really put in the effort to type one out.

There is nothing wrong with making you sound like a badass in your resume! However, do not make it sound that way if it is on something you know nothing about. Employers will look into accomplishments though, so do not lie about them. Other than that, there is nothing else! You just need a badass, confident, professional looking resume and you are in the home stretch! Then all you have left is the interview itself! I will put up a reference for interviewing in another post. I am very proud to say that any interview I have attended, I was offered the job on the spot.

Please feel free to use my resume as an example, but do keep in mind that it is built for a business and marketing position. Also, keep in mind that my tips are just from my experiences. Google can be a massive help and another valuable resource with your job search.

(Sorry my resume won’t format correctly on here. I also removed my personal info. This resume is not current.)

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Money?

As we all know, eyelash extensions have become the most popular beauty trend on the market. At least I think they are? Almost every girl I see is walking around with perfect lashes, and you know they are not real. Why are eyelashes taking over though? Well let me be the first to tell you that whoever started doing these, should be heavily rewarded. Eyelash extensions have to be one of the best things that I spend money on every month. They are totally worth it.

Eyelashes have always been my thing. Ever since I first started experimenting with makeup, I always wanted to enhance my eyes. (They are a deep green with copper tones and hazel). I found eyes to be one of the most beautiful parts of a person’s face. I remember my first tube of mascara very well. It was the orange volume one by CoverGirl. I loved it, but wanted more. Thus, my eyelash journey began.

If you really want to read about mascaras, (I have tried literally all of them), then check out my post Best Mascaras on the Market. Mascara is a very important part on this journey, but there’s no pint to type out anything explaining each one, when I already have in another post. Anyways, I became obsessed. I have tried every volume and stiletto lash mascara you can think of. I wanted length and volume, which is a hard combo to find! I started wearing two different types of mascaras at once for this purpose!

Thankfully, my eyelashes never ruined after all of the globs of gook I smeared all over them. When I finally hit high school, I thought all of my prayers had been answered. Two words, fake eyelashes. I started out with a smaller, more basic pair of falsies and ended up working my way up to these giant monsters that just about touched my eyebrows. (Yes, some mistakes were made when I was younger). I thought I looked flawless.

(Not horrible falsies)

Every single day I would make sure to glue on a pair of my falsies, as I could not leave the house without them. I used brush glue, (Way worth the extra cost), and made those suckers last for hours. I would even apply mascara on top of them to make them appear fuller and darker than they really were. When I got to college, I realized that I was not a fan of this anymore and ended my long lasting relationship with my eyelashes. This became a very short time in life when I decided I was only going to wear a little bit of mascara. By short time, I mean like 4 months. 

A year into college and I started seeing people talk about eyelash extensions. It sounded like a waste to me and I decided to try the magnetic lashes instead. Those are honestly the most worthless things I ever tried. They are about as great as those silicone sponges they tried selling forever. My mom’s best friend was the first to try the eyelash extensions. They came out beautiful. I would always be envious of her luscious lashes, until one day, they all fell out…. Along with her real eyelashes!

In every new beauty trend there is always a horror story and a scare. There may even be many. What I can tell you is that whatever you decide with makeup, do not go by the first bad or good story you see. You need to do research. Girls were telling me that falsies make your eyelashes fall out, (Never had that happen), and others were saying extensions do it. When extensions first became popular, it seemed like everyone and their mother was doing them for people. There were really no real professionals at the time that were not super pricey. This is where horror stories come from. 

A few months later, my best friend and I decided to get them done. Our co worker recommended a lady to us and we went without hesitation. First off, she did them out of her house. This should have been the warning sign. When they were done, it only cost us each $20. Warning sign number two. The next day, our eyelashes were crunchy and burned to close. Ladies, if you are going to get something done, I CANNOT tell you enough, SEE A PROFESSIONAL. 

(Kinda cute, but so painful)

After a week I broke down and saw a beautician that specializes in eyelashes. She was horrified to see that my extensions were glued with a harmful and toxic chemical. It took the poor lady two hours to remove the bad lashes and give me a full new set. My eyes felt so much better and I could finally blink again without being in pain. I continued to have her do my extensions every month, until I moved to Arizona.

Now, I have found the coolest place ever. It is called Amazing Lash Studio. I am sure this will bring curiosity and some annoyance for me bringing them up. This place is a studio that only does one profession, eyelash extensions. I was truly in love with the place after I had my first full set put on. They were even better than the ones I had from my last lady. Plus, they looked realistic. I have been going to them for almost a year now, with no complaints.


The reason that I really enjoy this place, is because you can  literally get whatever you want as far as eyelashes go. You are able to choose length, volume and even style. I’m sure you can guess, but I get the extra voluptuous ones that look like what the movie stars have. There are even products they offer that help care for your lashes. Also, every person there is trained in the art of eyelashes. If you decide you don’t like a stylist, you can always switch. They also text you to confirm appointments a few days ahead of time, (SCORE! For busy people like me). Then there is the price. I have heard a lot of ladies get angry and complain about price, but after trying several eyelash places, I can tell you that it is worth paying the extra. A typical fill at most places will be anywhere from $45 – $75 a month. Keep in mind that mine are the most expensive ones you can get, so it costs me about $95 a month with tip. However, they have regular extensions that they give you free fills and touch ups for. I mean the fancier you want usually means more expensive. (Take Chanel VS Tyler Rodan purses for example).

What are the benefits of having these beauties though? They are not just about looks. My draw to falsies is also the low maintenance that they are to maintain. Instead of mascara, makeup remover and curlers, they are always perfect. You just may need to brush them every now and then. They also have a put together look. I feel fantastic getting out of bed, throwing on clothes and wearing no makeup! It makes it seem like you have makeup already on. Another cool thing is that they are waterproof! This is a dream come true in the summer!!! Then there are ladies like my momma, who had breast cancer and cannot grow many eyelashes. She gets them and it makes her feel amazing again. She doesn’t have to be left out.

So yes, I would recommend eyelash extensions to anyone that has an interest in them. They truly are awesome. Take it from a girl who yas put her real eyelashes through hell and back.

Practicing the Way of Positivity

Being positive is something that I find very easy to do. No, there is not a special overnight cure to thinking this way, but it is something that will truly pay off if you stick with it. I was not always a super positive person. Matter of fact, when I was much younger, I used to think negatively about everything. I didn’t solve this problem until I was in high school. I met some very kind people that were always happy and in a great mood! I loved this so much that I literally decided one day that I was no longer going to have a negative thought, but always keep positive ones. That is the first step.

Step One: You need to choose to be happy and positive. Sure certain actions can create a happy emotion, but it does not stick around forever. If you choose to be happy, then no matter the outcome, you will still be able to stay happy. For instance, when I first started college, I went to Eastern Washington University. I was attending to become an occupational therapist. After three months, I dropped out. I had gotten very ill and had lost interest in my subjects. Luckily I was able to get a refund, but being there was a positive experience. I learned that I did not want to join the medical field (I get too attached to patients), this college did not offer what I needed and we found out that I had major stomach ulcers due to energy drinks. It was my first taste into the real world on my own. I took this to move home, work full time, fix my stomach and figure out where I wanted to go in life. Oh, and be accepted to one of the top universities!

Step Two: You have to stick with it. There are times where life will hit you hard and you will want to be negative, but you cannot let that happen. You chose to stay positive. Think of where your life was and how you felt when you were not always positive, did you enjoy it? I sure didn’t. When you have a chance to be negative, you miss out on something that could potentially be a good thing. You also seem to worry a lot more. The best example I have for this is when my daddy had a heart attack. I was beyond upset and worried, but it turned out that it was a good thing that he had it. We were able to find out that his arteries in his heart were too small and not producing enough oxygen. At 45, he had open heart surgery and a triple bypass. How did I stay positive in this situation? I was very worried, but I knew that this surgery could make his life so much easier. Our family was very close that night of his surgery and the next morning I was right there by his bed at the hospital. He was able to recover faster than most and can now work out and hike without any breathing struggles.

Step Three: Always know that it could be worse. It does not matter the situation, something could always be worse. Just think about all of the tragic events in World War II or how lucky we are to live in a country with clean water. People have struggled through worse things than most of us ever have, but we rarely ever realize this. Whenever I feel a negative feeling coming, I think of these things. They make me humble right up and I realize how truly lucky I really am. My family has gone through a lot over the years, but the one person that sticks out to me the most with positivity is my aunt. She had a brain tumor that doctors thought she would die from. When they performed the surgery, they made a mistake and now she is legally blind, cannot taste, has walking troubles and can barely remember things. Her first month back home, she couldn’t even remember where the bathroom was and had to be escorted everywhere. This was over 10 years ago, but she never has once complained. Instead, she would always get excited about the progress that she would make. She would say, “It could be worse, I could be dead”.

Step Four: You have to train yourself to always pull the positive out of any situation. Like I said before, sometimes it can be very hard. However, there is always a positive way to look at something. Sometimes you can’t , such as instances of murder, but the purpose of this post is to show you how to stay positive daily. One of the easiest ways to see a positive is if something benefits a person. For instance, if you lose a race, someone else won, you should be happy for them. It could also mean that you just weren’t ready enough for it this time and you now know what to do. Or there is the fact that you were lucky to even be able to race in the first place. You just have to change a simple downer into a way it could benefit you or another.

Step Five: Relax. This is truly the final step in the process of keeping yourself positive. Sometimes you need to just sit down, relax, take a breather and think about a situation. This can really help with choosing a positive outcome. I know that I have had problems in the past with jumping straight to a negative thought or response, but slowing down can help stop this. This will give you the opportunity to think about what positive you can pull out of the situation. It will also give you the chance to have that small bit of negativity and then get rid of it so that you can focus on your positive thoughts. The best example that I have for this step is when I failed my first college class. I was insanely upset and I knew that my daddy would be very disappointed in me. I sat down and cried in my car for a few minutes and eventually calmed down. I tried to think, what could be positive about failing? It was chemistry class that I took because I needed it to become an occupational therapist. I was able to calculate credits and realized that I did not need this to graduate with my associate’s! I also did not pay for this class because it was in the running start program. So was it good that I failed? No, but at least it would not have any negative affect on me throughout the rest of my college career.

I have been practicing these five steps for many years now and I am proud to say that I am always positive. People will tell me that they love to be around me and find it refreshing how I have such a positive outlook on life. It was a struggle for me at first, but now it is a piece of cake. Here’s a piece of hope for you to stay positive. I have a chemical imbalance, sort of like a bipolar disorder. Medicine can only do so much to help, so I had to teach myself to handle mood swings. I had to force myself to be positive in situations where I would normally lose it. Just think, if I was able to do this, then I am sure that you can too!

Stay positive everyone!

Conquering 2020 Like a Boss Babe

It’s finally the new year! That means it is time to set new goals and make new plans of action! Whenever the new year begins, I like to be organized and know exactly how I want the year to go. Of course, there will always be roadblocks along the way, but you just change your plans accordingly to get to where you want to be. Instead of just writing down a small list of goals in a notebook or on the edge of your planner, there are many other ways you can stay organized & on top!

Planners will always be one of my favorite go-to items, simply because they are portable and can carry all of your information that you need. However, I don’t believe that they are the answer to everything when it comes to motivation. One of the best ways to physically see your goals every morning & remind yourself what you want, is a vision board! These are very simple! What you need to do, is get a large blank canvas, (Paper, cardboard, etc.), and cover it in pictures, quotes, glitter, paint, anything! The purpose is to make you feel excited and motivated every time you look at it! 

I added a picture of my 2020 vision board below, as an example.

I also added a list of all of my goals for the year & highlighted my biggest ones! Then, I used a binder clip to add an article to help me focus on my blogging. I figure that way, throughout the year, I can keep adding articles & papers to help me strive! On my vision board, I have books because I want to read more, entrepreneur because I want to start another business, yoga to remind me to do it every morning, and etc. You can truly do anything with this board! Just make sure to place it somewhere where you will see it every morning to start your day off right!

Another good way to help you focus on goals & plans, are to write them down! Once again, seeing them big and bold every day, is going to make them really stick with you! I also love to write, so I may be a bit biased on this one. However, not all of our goals are yearly. Some are monthly or even weekly. I found a few cute little templates that help with all goal setting! I have added them below for you to save & print!

One of the templates says “Vision Board”, but it is a version for you to fill out instead of decorate! This way you can bring a mini version with you in your planner or leave at your office.

Now, one of the most important things to do every morning, is fill out your gratitude list. You may not have heard of one of these before, so let me explain. A gratitude list is a list that describes things that you have gratitudes towards. For example: “I have the sweetest puppy dog. I was promoted at work. My car didn’t break down today.” The purpose is to remind you to be happy and why you should be grateful. These should also motivate you, depending on what they are. Another way to do this is by using a gratitude journal. I am currently using the, “52 Lists of Happiness” journal for weekly bits of gratitude & am writing 3 daily ones in my planner. 

Remember to always mark your progress as well throughout the year! This could be done by highlighting, crossing out or even check lists on your goals & plans. A good way to keep this information together is by using journals that are made for specific subjects. For instance, I have just ordered a budgeting planner and have just started using my fitness tracker!

Now, the last step is to use these tools to keep yourself motivated! You can easily accomplish any goal or follow any schedule as long as you stay focused, dedicated & determined! Make 2020 your best year yet! You got this boss babes!

** If any of you were interested in some of the booklets or journals mentioned earlier, I have added the photo links below to each item, as well as a couple others that I recommend! Just click on the photo to go right to the item.

From a Small Town to the Big City

All my life, all I ever wanted to do was get out of my small town. I grew up in a small “hick”- town named Graham, in Washington state. Here most people lived on a farm, a double-wide or the occasional small neighborhood with tiny cookie-cutter houses. It wasn’t anything fancy at all. When I was really young, the only thing in town was a Safeway, tiny post office, AM PM and a mini mart. As you can imagine, not much went on out here.

We moved to Graham as soon as I started junior high. My daddy had found a place that was pretty close to his dream house, in a foreclosure. It turns out someone was actually building their dream house and lost it. Our house is down a mile long dirt road and hidden behind a small forest. When you arrived, it was open around the house itself and had a view of our own private mini lake in front of it. To top it off, we had 10 acres that we owned surrounding the house and our neighbors were miles away. It is a large white two-story home with tall pillars on the outside.

This house was perfect. The first thing we did was put in a large shop for our classic cars and dirt bikes and build a motocross track on the bottom 5 acres. Living in the middle does have advantages though. My neighbors were nowhere in sight and you couldn’t hear the main road. The only part that most people do not enjoy, is that you are far away from everything. The closest mall was 45 minutes away and the nearest Walmart was 20. But, I loved it. The town did grow though, and we now have a bar (AKA local watering hole), a Little Caesars and quite possibly the worst Starbucks in the history of the world.

There might not have been much out there in my hometown, but it meant the world to me. As soon as I turned 16, I learned how life truly is in a “hillbilly” town. I made friends with the local rednecks and would go down to the river or have a bonfire almost every night. On our days off we would go wheelin’, ride dirt bikes, fish, hang out at the lake or even hike out to the local waterfall. However, one thing was for certain, you did not go anywhere without your Carhartts, romeos and camo.

While I had tons of fun with this lifestyle and so many stories, I did not have many girlfriends. By now, I am sure that you can tell this was a problem for me, as I am extra girly and in love with fashion and shopping. I couldn’t wear my dresses and heels out with the boys and I didn’t always want to be covered in mud and wearing a hat. While finishing my last two years of college, I learned a fact that truly horrified me the most. If I stayed in my town, I would never have a chance to do more than what I already have.

Most people never left my town. The only careers that people have their are labor jobs, and most women just stayed at home and popped out more kids. This was not the life I wanted to live. I won’t ever put it down though because some of my buddies are making more money in their labor jobs than most kids that went to college. As soon as I turned 21, I started hanging out at our bar almost every night. That was when I truly realized I needed to leave.

The other factor on why I needed to get out of there was that I got a degree in marketing. The only career I could get with that would be in Seattle. That would be a 3 hour commute to work and back, every day. There was no way I was living in the city, or even be able to afford it for that matter. When I graduated, the only good-paying full-time job that I could get was 30 minutes away as a Starbucks barista. I worked there for almost a full year when I decided it was time to finally leave Washington.

I have always wanted to live in Texas, or deep in the south. That wasn’t going to happen though given my current income. I also did not know anyone out there. So, I did the next best thing. We went to Arizona a few weeks before and had visited my parents best friends. They are practically like my second family. I figured moving to Arizona would be my only shot at moving anytime soon.

In May I applied for 40 positions in Seattle and 40 in Phoenix. Not one place in Seattle contacted me, but several did in Arizona. Towards the end of the month I was offered a job as a brand ambassador over a Skype interview. It was a sales position. They asked if I could start in exactly one week. Not wanting to lose the chance, I accepted it. My parents were excited about it, but also in shock.

The next day I started packing my whole bedroom away. Most things were being left there so that I could get them later when I finally got my own place, (My parents best friends offered for me to stay with them for a few months to help). Packing took two days. On day 3 my daddy helped me look at cars on Craigslist. I needed a new one, (and credit) that was going to be more professional. That day I made my very first adult purchase. I bought a Jetta that was like brand new. My entire 4th day was spent moving my aunt into her new house and having dinner with all of my relatives to say goodbye. The 5th day, was my last day in Washington. I said my goodbyes to friends and had a nice dinner with my brother and parents.

It was a 22 hour drive to Arizona from where I lived. My momma and I packed my car as much as we could and took off early in the morning. I drove 12 hours straight to Idaho and we passed out a a hotel in Post Falls. It was a quick sleep. The next morning we found out what speed traps were, in a small town in Nevada. She barely got over 20 from a stop light and a cop pulled her over. He was hiding on the other side of a bridge and told her she was going 80, (not possible). He gave her a fine, not a ticket.

From there was the most boring drive of our entire lives. We drove through the pure nothing but desert. However, you can never miss out on an opportunity for Vegas, so we did swing in there for a delicious lunch. We arrived at my new home at 8:00 that night. I barely unpacked and went right to bed. I had to start my new job the next morning.

Moving to Arizona has to be one of the best decisions of my life. I have got to truly experience life outside of a small town. After a few months I have managed to upgrade jobs, get my own place, adopt a puppy and have met the love of my life. I have officially been living here now for almost a year. There are so many fun, new things that I have been able to experience in that time span. I’ve gone on day trips to Vegas, partied at clubs in Old Town, been to cool events and crazy parties. I have even made some girlfriends!

Living here has taught me to be very independent and grow up a lot more. What is funny is technically, I live in a “smaller” town in Arizona, but it is a lot bigger than where I came from! To me, it is a big city This is especially since everything is on a grid and considered Phoenix. The amount of people, commotion and how they drive is crazy compared to my quiet little home.

If you do any changes in your life, I highly recommend leaving your hometown and state, if you can. It will be a complete culture shock, which is so strange, since it is the same country. I promise it will give you the chance to flourish and be a new adventure that you need. There will be so much that you can get out of it. Take it from me, a girl from a tiny little hick town.