The Pacific Northwest Boutique is a ladies clothing boutique that sells new and “like new” fashion. It is now located in Arizona, but was from a small town in Washington state.

The boutique was created on Poshmark in August, 2016 by Kendall Klein, as a junior in college. Its’ original intent was to be a way to make play money while Kendall was completing school and working part-time.

After a few months of selling her less-worn clothing, she completely sold out and had a high demand for more items. Her feminine and trendy styles attracted a huge following and inspired her to create the Pacific Northwest Boutique.

In January of 2017, she quit her part-time job and was able to finish paying her way through college with the boutique as her only income.

Today the Pacific Northwest boutique has over 90,000 followers on the Poshmark app and has had over 5,000 sales. Kendall still keeps her personal touch, by finding each individual item to sell. This continues to create the exclusiveness that drives her customers to buy so quickly.

By the end of 2019 the boutique is expected to expand and have a sister store that only sells new trendy clothing at a fraction of regular retail prices. It will still continue to grow with exclusive designer inventory and drive for the best prices online.

You can shop the Boutique on the Poshmark app or at the link below.

Pacific Northwest Boutique

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