Finding Your Best Foundation

It has taken me years to find a foundation that is perfect for my skin. I know all of us Makeup queens share this struggle. You may think you’ve found a great foundation, but then it turns out to be terrible. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize this.

When I was younger and first starting out with makeup, I had tons of different drugstore brands. My first couple foundations were the most basic ones that barely did anything. However, since I was 14, they weren’t meant to be that great. I had used powders from Physician’s Formula and Neutrogena.

High school is where I started to explore a little more with makeup. I had gotten a Sephora foundation that made me look super pale and was not at all a good look. Of course, I thought it was. Then that is also when I realized that you actually NEED two different colored foundations. One is your winter skin color and one is your tan summer skin color. It really does change.

Now I realize that when it comes to makeup, the most expensive does not always mean it is the best. For instance, Wet & Wild is known for making fabulous cheap eyeshadows that are better than some of the expensive brands. However, I have found that with foundation, the better more expensive high quality ones are really the ones you should be going for.

For years my mother would use bare minerals and I would use Too Faced foundation. Bare minerals would sweat off my moms face and Too Face always left me with orange streaks by the end of the day. Finally we decided to go foundation testing. If you haven’t done this in your life, just know it is insanely stressful.

First off, there are so many skin colors, that it is almost nearly impossible to find a foundation that matches yours. Secondly, there are so many options, that it will take you some time to find your best fit. DO NOT SETTLE. I cannot emphasize that enough!

Since Too Faced failed me, I decided to go with Tarte. It was highly rated online. (I check reviews everywhere to help me decide what to try). Tarte ended up working really well for awhile. It was the tubed, Amazonian clay foundation. The reason I stopped using it is because it did not last on my face long enough throughout the day.

I decided to then try Dermablend. I tried this product by word of mouth. That was a fail. The reviews weren’t up to par with how I usually choose my makeup. The foundation was extra watery and did not smooth around very well. It ended up making me look kind of orange. I started to give up and used it for a long time, until I was ready to try it again.

Unfortunately the next one I tried was It Cosmetics and it was a glossy finished look, which is not what I wanted. So I returned it and went back to the drawing board. I only had a few options left (I refuse to use MAC, NARS & Clinique).

The next choice was all out. I got Estée Lauder double wear. While I thought I had finally found the one, I was mistaken. One night at the mall a coworker and I were in Dillard’s. We came across Lancôme having a huge free goodies event! My coworker begged me to do a makeover and the lady happily obliged.

After fixing my makeup and testing the Lancôme products, I knew that I fell in love. I purchased it and have been using it for over a month now with no complaints! It blends lovely with my beauty blender and stays on all day, even in this Arizona heat! It turns out that my mom and grandma both use Lancôme foundations as well!

After years of failed attempts, I had finally found my perfect foundation. I would truly suggest going all the way up the makeup hierarchy and getting the best products around. That means higher than Too Faced, Tarte and Urban Decay.

Trust me, your face will thank you!

If you’re interested in the Lancôme foundation that I highly recommend, here’s a link to It below!