Candytopia: Sugar for Days

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Well earlier this month I was able to experience something pretty similar, without the golden ticket! Over in the Scottsdale Quarter, there is currently, a pop-up event called Canytopia. My fellow Insta-Babes & I had to check it out, of course.

Once inside, they open a large golden gate and welcome you into the sugar rush that awaits you. The venue is filled with multiple different rooms, each have a different chest of candy for you to collect. I, of course, got way too much and may have a cavity in my near future.

The photo opportunities in the place are just endless. From the forest to the jungle, under the sea to confetti, there really is no stopping. Since this is a candy land,there were tons and tons of real candy turned into sculptures and art! When I say tons, I literally mean it as tons! Some of the sculptures weighed over 500 Lbs!

After wandering our way through the colossal candies, (And finding my boyfriend, Scuba Steve), we ended up in a room with nothing but confetti! It was everywhere! You simply felt like you were being showered with it like in an 80’s music video. I still may find traces of it in my clothes today, but it was totally worth it!

The end of the adventure lands you in a large pit filled with marshmallows. We swam our way through and tried not to sink and be lost in the sea of sweets. Whatever you do though, don’t bring your phone into it. The pit will swallow it whole.

If you are looking for a fun mini adventure, want to fix your sweet tooth or even get some fab & fun photos, then I suggest checking out this little pop-up. If you are not in Arizona, you are still in luck! These little venues are a wide-spread through the United States. Just keep in mind, they are only in each location for a limited time!