Blonde Hair Beware

Everyone tells you, if you want to keep your blonde hair bright and radiant, you need to use purple shampoo. They say that everything else dulls down the color and isn’t as good for your hair. Just saying, from experience, that is a total myth. If you’re a blonde that uses purple shampoo, beware.

All my life I have been blonde.My hair is naturally a dirty blonde color. I “officially” hit the “blonde-blonde” stage at 15, when I dyed my hair platinum. I had never paid attention to hair care specifics & had the brightest blonde you could imagine. (It looked awful on me). Purple shampoo was something I had never heard of & my hair never lost its shine. I actually ended up having to chop it off & die it a dark brown though, because it destroyed my hair, bleaching it.

(Actual photo from when I was 15!)

My senior year in high school is when I really started to pay attention to hair care. I had always had the tools & products, but never color specific. That year, I started to pay more attention, as I went back to a nice, champagne blonde. I had started getting flat iron hair car, hair masks and everything that would help it, without damaging it. This is when I discovered my favorite blonde shampoo & conditioner, by John Freida.

I wanted my hair to stay light, without using harsh chemicals, besides the color already on it. I remember seeing a product called “Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder” and was instantly hooked. This product does NOT have any purple in it, but is a simple light and creamy color. Let me tell you, this stuff truly does work! My blonde hair was never dull & always was radiant.

It wasn’t until later on that year, that I heard of the purple shampoo. A friend of mine got her hair dyed blonde and said her hairstylist swore by the purple. I started off by getting the Redken jumbo blondage ones, (Ulta had a sale). They didn’t seem to do much to keep my hair bright & always made the biggest mess. Needless to say, I was pretty turned off by this & went back to my volumizing stuff instead.

The real purple fun started happening when I started spending a bunch of money on shampoos by brands like Dry Bar, Sexy Hair and Pureology. My hair seemed much more dull and the shampoos were all messy and awful. When I moved to Arizona, I decided to try the value option again, and purchased jumbo sizes from Ulta. I bought the Joico set. 

You have heard horror stories right? Well this one truly takes the cake. After a few washes, this shampoo started to STAIN, yes, STAIN my hair PURPLE! My blonde was starting to look like a white silver and one strand in the front actually became a purple color! It was AWFUL! I had always wondered how the purple was supposed to be good & not ruin your hair, when clearly that’s not what happened here. It took a lot of effort for my hairstylist to get the purple stand back to normal again.

Since then, I have refused to buy the purple products and only buy color treated shampoos & conditioners. The sun turned my hair bright blonde & none of the products I buy do any damage to the color or to my hair. 

So ladies, next time you listen to a recommendation, make sure you do all of your research first! Don’t be influenced by the “popular” opinion. Who knows,you could end up with funky hair like I did.

The Best Mascaras on the Market

Now some of you may find this to be a silly thing to post about, but I totally wish that this was something I read about when I was younger! I know i’m not the only one when it comes to loving my eyelashes and wanting them to be as big and full as possible! When it comes to the make up game, my eyelashes are my most important piece to accentuate. I always make sure that they are long, full and dark before I go anywhere. With that being said, I now have extensions that I get filled every 2.5 weeks. I have a special mascara that I can put on them when I feel that they look flat, BUT extensions are not for everyone, that is why I am making sure to give some insight on mascara!

When I first started out in the makeup fame, I was 13 and in jr. high. My mother let me use a cheap plain black Avon mascara that she had for years and never used, (It was awful). That was the only thing I was allowed to use, (I did steal what I thought was black eyeliner from her drawer and would put it on at school so she wouldn’t see. Turns out it was a dark moss green she got for free and I looked stupid, but that’s a story for another day!).

Anyways, I have no honest memory of what Avon mascara it was, so the first attempt I had at getting my own mascara was when I saw an ad for Covergirl. The LashBlast mascara was supposed to be the cool new thing and was supposed to give me eyelashes I could only dream of. I did enjoy it at first. It was black and gave a little bit of oomph to my eyes, but it did not seem to give that long length. I also think that it is a bit too watery for my taste, as I prefer a thicker mascara.

The next mascara I tried was Lash Stiletto by Maybelline. Now this mascara does give you some serious length! I was able to get super long lashes after just a couple of swipes on my lashes. However, it does get pretty goopy pretty fast, so it became super messy. It also does not give a very full set of lashes. They look rather skinny.

I know I have tried out many other mascaras from Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, CoverGirl, and etc. None of them really did much to impress me though besides the two that I talked about. They all either were too watery, goopy, or only gave me half or none of what I wanted. There was a lot of money wasted on mascara over the years, but I would never settle.

After various attempts at drug store brand mascaras, I decided to give a more expensive one a try. I was in my freshman year when I got to try something from Macy’s, (Ulta wasn’t around and my mother grew up shopping at Macy’s). My mother bought me the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I remember being so excited, thinking that I would finally get to have the lash I wanted, because hey, more expensive means better right? WRONG. This was literally the worst mascara I have ever purchased in my entire life. The brush will hold huge clumps of mascara and not part your lashes at all. Then it would dry like cement and I would accidently rip out lashes when trying to clean it off. I had my mom try it, (She thought I was being dramatic), and she even got a disgusted look on her face! She threw it away and I went back to Walmart and bought myself the LashBlast by CoverGirl again. It still kills me to give Lancome a terrible review because they make some of my absolute favorite products! Do keep in mind that this was in 2011, so the product has had to have changed by then. I hope it’s way better.

When I finally was in high school, I went to my first Sephora. One of my friends had Too Faced products and I thought they were so cute, that I had to have them! I bought the Better Than Sex mascara, which I will have to say, the name made me want it too. Now this mascara was my go to for years. I actually am using this right now on my bottom lashes, (I bought the diamond edition… makeup addict, I know). I absolutely do love this product, until I have had it for over a month. After awhile, I noticed that the product would get dort of clumpy and dry up very fast. That would be my only complaint. I think it gives gorgeous, deep and full lashes.

The reason I kept looking was only because of how bad the product would get after a while. So, naturally, I picked another one from Too Faced. I tried the Better Than False Lashes Extreme! This is the most I have ever spent on a mascara, at $35. First you would use a mini wand that would add cloth-y material to your lashes, and then mascara over it. This would give them length. But, of course, not much volume. So, I would reapply each part 3 times. After a good chunk of time I realized that my eyelashes looked chunky and the cloth crap would get in my eye, so I was on my search again.

I tried everything from Benefit to Tarte, to IT Cosmetics and etc. None of these brands had ever created something that was good enough for me to want to try and buy again. I was and still am, a total mascara snob. I eventually went back to swapping back and forth between my CoverGirl and Better Than sex ones, (depended how much money I had) and then settled on getting falsies.

Now false eyelashes, are in my opinion, the greatest gift there is. As soon as I mastered the glue technique, I was putting those suckers on every single day. The problem was that I wanted them to look more natural, but I also wanted them to be dark, so I eventually, went back to applying mascara. I would glue on these huge eyelashes and coat them in layers of Better Than Sex Mascara. I would actually take such good care of them though, that I could keep the same ones for a month… Or so I thought back then.

If we look back now, I get insanely embarrassed at how I looked. My eyelashes were so long that I had them longer than my eyebrows. Please, do not do this. When I went to college, I finally realized that I didn’t need my caterpillars, (What my aunt called them), and went to no mascara at all, (THE HORROR). That was very short lived. I started back again with a hunt for mascara.

After countless attempts at Benefit and drugstore brands, extensions finally became a thing. It wasn’t until I got my extensions, that I found, what I think to be, the best mascara ever. Of course, I cannot use it on my extensions, but I do use it on my bottom lashes. What was first a free sample that I last resorted to, turned out to be one of my favorites. This is actually a brand by Lancome! (Finally, redeemed). My go to mascara is Big Monsieur by Lancome. It gives my bottom lashes a dark full look and gives them a good amount of length. It is not watery or even chunky! My mother tried it on her lashes and thought it was fantastic too! (But she got extensions too).

If I had to recommend any mascara to anyone, I have a lineup of 3. In first place, I would have to say I would go with Big Monsieur. Then in second I would have Better Than Sex and in third would be Lash Blast. These are all awesome mascaras and there is one for everyone as they are all very different price points. But of course, this is just from my experience, as a die hard lash lover.

I will apologize though, as I did not ever test waterproof, as I do not care for it from that Avon mascara I first had when I was younger. It also smelled terrible.

Whatever mascara you decide, just never give up on finding your exact want. It is out there somewhere, I promise!

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Money?

As we all know, eyelash extensions have become the most popular beauty trend on the market. At least I think they are? Almost every girl I see is walking around with perfect lashes, and you know they are not real. Why are eyelashes taking over though? Well let me be the first to tell you that whoever started doing these, should be heavily rewarded. Eyelash extensions have to be one of the best things that I spend money on every month. They are totally worth it.

Eyelashes have always been my thing. Ever since I first started experimenting with makeup, I always wanted to enhance my eyes. (They are a deep green with copper tones and hazel). I found eyes to be one of the most beautiful parts of a person’s face. I remember my first tube of mascara very well. It was the orange volume one by CoverGirl. I loved it, but wanted more. Thus, my eyelash journey began.

If you really want to read about mascaras, (I have tried literally all of them), then check out my post Best Mascaras on the Market. Mascara is a very important part on this journey, but there’s no pint to type out anything explaining each one, when I already have in another post. Anyways, I became obsessed. I have tried every volume and stiletto lash mascara you can think of. I wanted length and volume, which is a hard combo to find! I started wearing two different types of mascaras at once for this purpose!

Thankfully, my eyelashes never ruined after all of the globs of gook I smeared all over them. When I finally hit high school, I thought all of my prayers had been answered. Two words, fake eyelashes. I started out with a smaller, more basic pair of falsies and ended up working my way up to these giant monsters that just about touched my eyebrows. (Yes, some mistakes were made when I was younger). I thought I looked flawless.

(Not horrible falsies)

Every single day I would make sure to glue on a pair of my falsies, as I could not leave the house without them. I used brush glue, (Way worth the extra cost), and made those suckers last for hours. I would even apply mascara on top of them to make them appear fuller and darker than they really were. When I got to college, I realized that I was not a fan of this anymore and ended my long lasting relationship with my eyelashes. This became a very short time in life when I decided I was only going to wear a little bit of mascara. By short time, I mean like 4 months. 

A year into college and I started seeing people talk about eyelash extensions. It sounded like a waste to me and I decided to try the magnetic lashes instead. Those are honestly the most worthless things I ever tried. They are about as great as those silicone sponges they tried selling forever. My mom’s best friend was the first to try the eyelash extensions. They came out beautiful. I would always be envious of her luscious lashes, until one day, they all fell out…. Along with her real eyelashes!

In every new beauty trend there is always a horror story and a scare. There may even be many. What I can tell you is that whatever you decide with makeup, do not go by the first bad or good story you see. You need to do research. Girls were telling me that falsies make your eyelashes fall out, (Never had that happen), and others were saying extensions do it. When extensions first became popular, it seemed like everyone and their mother was doing them for people. There were really no real professionals at the time that were not super pricey. This is where horror stories come from. 

A few months later, my best friend and I decided to get them done. Our co worker recommended a lady to us and we went without hesitation. First off, she did them out of her house. This should have been the warning sign. When they were done, it only cost us each $20. Warning sign number two. The next day, our eyelashes were crunchy and burned to close. Ladies, if you are going to get something done, I CANNOT tell you enough, SEE A PROFESSIONAL. 

(Kinda cute, but so painful)

After a week I broke down and saw a beautician that specializes in eyelashes. She was horrified to see that my extensions were glued with a harmful and toxic chemical. It took the poor lady two hours to remove the bad lashes and give me a full new set. My eyes felt so much better and I could finally blink again without being in pain. I continued to have her do my extensions every month, until I moved to Arizona.

Now, I have found the coolest place ever. It is called Amazing Lash Studio. I am sure this will bring curiosity and some annoyance for me bringing them up. This place is a studio that only does one profession, eyelash extensions. I was truly in love with the place after I had my first full set put on. They were even better than the ones I had from my last lady. Plus, they looked realistic. I have been going to them for almost a year now, with no complaints.


The reason that I really enjoy this place, is because you can  literally get whatever you want as far as eyelashes go. You are able to choose length, volume and even style. I’m sure you can guess, but I get the extra voluptuous ones that look like what the movie stars have. There are even products they offer that help care for your lashes. Also, every person there is trained in the art of eyelashes. If you decide you don’t like a stylist, you can always switch. They also text you to confirm appointments a few days ahead of time, (SCORE! For busy people like me). Then there is the price. I have heard a lot of ladies get angry and complain about price, but after trying several eyelash places, I can tell you that it is worth paying the extra. A typical fill at most places will be anywhere from $45 – $75 a month. Keep in mind that mine are the most expensive ones you can get, so it costs me about $95 a month with tip. However, they have regular extensions that they give you free fills and touch ups for. I mean the fancier you want usually means more expensive. (Take Chanel VS Tyler Rodan purses for example).

What are the benefits of having these beauties though? They are not just about looks. My draw to falsies is also the low maintenance that they are to maintain. Instead of mascara, makeup remover and curlers, they are always perfect. You just may need to brush them every now and then. They also have a put together look. I feel fantastic getting out of bed, throwing on clothes and wearing no makeup! It makes it seem like you have makeup already on. Another cool thing is that they are waterproof! This is a dream come true in the summer!!! Then there are ladies like my momma, who had breast cancer and cannot grow many eyelashes. She gets them and it makes her feel amazing again. She doesn’t have to be left out.

So yes, I would recommend eyelash extensions to anyone that has an interest in them. They truly are awesome. Take it from a girl who yas put her real eyelashes through hell and back.